Theme Park

Theme Park 2.1

Take the role of the manager for an amusement park
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Your Theme Park Will Be Updated Regularly
Take control of your own amusement park, manage it and make sure that you keep your customers happy in order to make a profit. Plan out the park's layout, purchase five types or rides and customize them, build food stands, hire staff and try to build the scariest roller-coaster there is.

Do you love the thrill of roller coasters? Does the smell of cotton candy make you think of bumper cars? If you answered yes to these questions, then you'll want to play Theme Park. You are given the opportunity to manage and run an amusement park. Decide the park layout, research and build new rides, all while keeping your employees happy. You can create custom designs for five different ride types. Once the attractions are in place, you'll be able to take a ride on them. However, the rides alone are not going to be enough to stay successful. You'll also have to develop food and souvenir stands to separate the guests from their cash. Should a customer "get sick", you will need to have someone there to clean the mess. Try to build the scariest roller coaster in the world with Theme Park.
You can build your own theme park from the ground up, you can customize everything in it, from the number of employees to the salt content of the fries. You can also adjust ticket prices and salaries. You decide where to put the rides, the workers, the bathrooms, the arcades, to put it simply, you control where everything can go and what surrounds it.

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